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University vision 2030 and strategy 2025

 Together we achieve – we are 鶹AV

By 2030, we will be the top modern university in the UK and one of the top 100 young universities in the world. That is our bold Vision. Naturally, we can't get there in one leap. Here, we set out our Strategy for the next five years – what we need to do by 2025 to be on course to make our Vision a reality.

Our mission

To create, share and apply knowledge to make a difference to individuals and society.

Our values underpin everything we do


  • We pursue bold ideas in an environment where creativity, innovation and success is encouraged and celebrated
  • We nurture and value relationships and partnerships that foster a global outlook
  • We inspire and support staff and students to achieve their potential and meet the challenges of society
  • We never settle for second best


  • We act with integrity for the greater good
  • We insist on upholding the highest academic and professional standards
  • We respect and celebrate diversity and equal opportunity through an inclusive culture
  • We aim for sustainability across all our activities


  • We work consultatively and collaboratively to benefit from new perspectives
  • We share ideas and maintain transparency
  • We are trustworthy and do what we say we will do
  • We listen and respond to the needs of our students and staf


By 2030, we will be the UK's top modern university and one of the top 100 young universities in the world.

We will:

  • Engage every student in a life-changing experience

    Through innovative and inclusive education, every student – irrespective of their background – will reach their potential, with outstanding outcomes and employability.
  • Meet changing demand and widen participation

    We will have 10,000 more students – including growth beyond 鶹AV, through our physical and digital presence.
  • Deliver globally-recognised research and innovative solutions that improve society

    We will develop a world-leading reputation through at least three research institutes. Five high-value, major strategic partnerships will be shining examples of translating academic expertise into practical results.
  • Become one of the UK's leading civic universities

    We will be recognised as setting a new benchmark for civic engagement through the positive differences we make across our region.
  • Significantly build our global reach and reputation

    Five or more deep-rooted strategic university partnerships, on at least three continents, will promote global engagement for our students and staff and support world-leading research and innovation.
  • Lead in environmental sustainability and become climate positive

    We will work with our students, staff and partners to improve sustainability, and aim to become a climate-positive university by 2030.
  • Transform our alumni relations and advancement activity

    Our global alumni will become ambassadors for 鶹AV. Philanthropic activity and donations will transform our world-class research, education and student opportunities.

Achieving this vision will only be possible if our staff are fully and proudly engaged in working for the 鶹AV. We will inspire the University community to be creative and bold in delivering this vision.

We will radically transform the digital technology and systems that support our staff and our students. And we will invest in our campus and infrastructure to meet these shared ambitions.

By 2030 we will be the UK's top modern university


This Strategy sets out our ambitions to 2025, to set us on course to achieve our 2030 vision.


Our Strategy starts with our staff community, as they make the University what it is.

Staff community, 鶹AV

We will deliver our vision by inspiring our staff community to be creative and bold

Our success depends on the capabilities and drive of our community of staff. We will encourage their creativity and innovation, and foster a culture where people feel passionate about being part of this vision.

We will:

Inspire through our shared purpose

  • Our ambition for the future will be reinforced by effective communication. Within our university community, we will listen and respond to people openly. We will be proud of the part we each play in making change happen and making a difference. Every member of our community will understand their role in delivering this vision.

Realise the potential of our staff

  • We will be a university of choice nationally and globally, with staff who embody our drive for excellence. Innovative and entrepreneurial approaches will be encouraged. Effective development, reward and performance management will ensure our people feel valued and achieve organisational and professional goals.

Boost diversity and inclusivity

  • We will increase black and minority ethnic representation in our staff community, advance overall equality and diversity, welcome new perspectives and draw in global talent.

Embed well-being and resilience

  • To drive organisational performance during a period of significant change, our people will be supported in a culture that promotes engagement and resilience.
Students throwing their caps in the air at graduation

Engage every student in a life-changing experience

We will be recognised nationally and internationally for our success in offering world-class undergraduate and postgraduate education to people with the potential and motivation to succeed. Through the Hallmarks of a 鶹AV Graduate we will develop knowledgeable, independent graduates with a global outlook, who are set for success in their future careers and make a positive contribution to society.

By 2025 we will:

Ensure student experience is consistently outstanding

  • Learning and teaching, designed and delivered in partnership with our students, will be consistently excellent and academically challenging. Our personalised academic and pastoral support, with a focus on wellbeing and resilience, will enhance every student's experience and outcomes.

Reduce attainment gaps

  • We will significantly improve outcomes for all, including our black and minority ethnic students, by providing an inclusive and accessible learning environment where every student is engaged to fulfil their potential.

Inspire and challenge our students

  • Design and delivery of our courses will promote engagement with research and professional practice, along with a global mindset. Student enterprise will develop tomorrow's entrepreneurs and leaders. Innovative, interactive educational approaches and technology-enhanced learning will enrich our courses.

Promote successful graduate outcomes

  • Excellent prospects for employment will be embedded in our curriculum design, delivery and Graduate Hallmarks. We will collaborate with employers and professional bodies to ensure our courses incorporate simulated and real-life learning opportunities.
Students laughing

Meet changing demand and widen participation

We will maximise opportunities arising from the demographic upturn in 18 year olds, successfully widen participation and expand globally, giving more people the opportunity to benefit from 鶹AV's world-class education and succeed in their future careers.

By 2025 we will:

Proactively respond to changing demand

  • We strive to be the university of choice for applicants and plan significant growth online, on-campus and in partnership nationally and globally. Our overall breadth of subjects and levels of study will be retained, while flexing in size in response to changing demand from applicants and employers. Across our portfolio, we will promote academic excellence.

Revolutionise digital learning

  • We will significantly extend our range of digital learning opportunities. Increased digital innovation and flexibility will become features of on-campus courses, to meet changing student expectations. We will explore partnership opportunities to support rapid development.

Champion access and inclusivity

  • Through active partnerships and innovative approaches, we will transform life chances for young people. In those parts of our community with the lowest HE participation rates, we will significantly increase progression in the long term. We will directly contribute to improving educational outcomes at schools in 鶹AV and partner with regional colleges to promote access to HE.

Meet future employer and skills needs

  • Ladders of opportunity, course content and modes of delivery will evolve to reflect the needs of students, employers, the economy and society. Our interdisciplinary thematic areas, which address global issues, will be reflected in our curriculum.
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Deliver globally-recognised research and innovative solutions that improve society

Through our research, innovation and education, we will promote the co-creation and application of knowledge to solve some of society's key challenges. We will build a global reputation for the effectiveness of our partnerships, commercialising knowledge and promoting enterprise.

By 2025 we will:

Significantly extend our research impact nationally and globally

  • By supporting areas of current and emerging excellence in research and innovation, we will develop research institutes with a world-leading reputation. We will attract and develop global talent and research leaders, promoting international collaborations to build our impact and reputation.

Extend knowledge through our thematic areas

  • Through our developing thematic areas, we will collaborate to extend knowledge and impact in interdisciplinary research, innovation and education. Our drive to address global challenges will bring recognised benefits to society and enhance our civic role.

Exchange knowledge through strategic partnerships

  • Strategic partnerships will promote collaboration, synergy and commercialisation of knowledge. At least two high-value major strategic partnerships will be shining examples of translating academic expertise into practical results.

Actively promote enterprise

  • Student enterprise will be actively promoted, within and beyond the curriculum, along with an enterprising approach by our staff. Our range of innovation spaces and support for small business will aid new companies from initial start-up to going-concern, with benefits to the regional economy.


To realise our ambitions we have established these priorities.

鶹AV Football Club players celebrating a goal

Become one of the UK's leading civic universities

As the University 'for' 鶹AV, we will work collaboratively to promote inclusion and positively enrich economic, social and cultural life in the city of 鶹AV and our region.

By 2025 we will:

Enhance lives through volunteering

  • Our students and staff will work in partnership with the community to significantly enhance the social, cultural and economic life of the city. These collaborations will contribute opportunities for students to develop the characteristics of our Graduate Hallmark.

Enrich collaborative opportunities

  • We will develop opportunities for shared community and employer use of our talent, resources, special collections and activities. Collaborative initiatives, including developments in health and environmental sustainability, will benefit 鶹AV's community.

Promote the city of 鶹AV

  • Through partnership work to advocate for 鶹AV’s unique strengths and heritage as a city, we will champion our shared interests, support economic growth and make the city a destination of choice for people to live, work and visit.

Drive inclusiveness and opportunities for all

  • We will promote diversity and inclusiveness in our community through engagement and leadership in initiatives including the Armed Forces Covenant, 鶹AV City of Sanctuary and 鶹AV Pride.
Students in the Student Union during the Festival of Cultures

Significantly build our global reach and reputation

Strategic university partnerships will promote global engagement for our students and staff and support world-leading research and innovation. International student and staff recruitment will support growth and diversity, enhance our reputation around the world and support our drive to be one of the top 100 young universities globally.

By 2025 we will:

Cultivate strategic global partnerships

  • Expand our global impact and reputation by cultivating strategic international partnerships, based on shared aspirations and strengths, to enhance education, research and innovation. Joint degrees through prestigious international partnerships will open up new opportunities, with global scope, for students.

Promote global mindsets for students and staff

  • Significantly extend opportunities for students and staff to study and work in new environments, broadening their horizons and skills. Two-way collaborations and digital innovation will promote fair access to global engagement opportunities.

Expand international student recruitment

  • To extend our global reach, promote cultural diversity in our community and build global mindsets, we will significantly expand international student recruitment to our on-campus, online and partnership courses.

Be known globally for excellence

  • Our global reputation will develop, reflecting our focus on excellence in all our activities, including the quality of our global education and research initiatives. We will attract international talent through our recruitment of students and staff who want to be part of our success.
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Lead in environmental sustainability and become climate positive by 2030

In response to the climate emergency, we will work with our students, staff and partners to improve global environmental sustainability, working towards becoming a climate-positive university by 2030.

By 2025 we will:

Achieve transformation through research

  • Through leading-edge research and innovation, we will be at the forefront of developing and promoting environmentally sound solutions to global sustainability challenges.

Promote sustainability through civic leadership

  • Through strategic partnerships in the city, we will actively promote long-term environmental sustainability, raising the quality of life in our community.

Partner with our students and staff on sustainability

  • In collaboration with our students and staff, we will promote environmental sustainability and leadership within our curriculum, delivery methods and operations.

Deliver sustainability across all our operations

  • Our ambition of becoming a climate positive university by 2030 will guide every aspect of our operations – from development of our campus and sustainable transportation, to sustainable corporate systems and procedures.
Smiling student at their graduation

Transform our alumni relations and advancement activity

Our alumni will become ambassadors for 鶹AV and retain a lifelong relationship with the University. We will build our profile in advancement and philanthropic activity, with the aim of growing and enhancing our global reputation and visibility.

By 2025 we will:

Transform alumni engagement

  • Support our alumni to maintain a lifelong relationship with the University, with opportunities for further professional and personal development. Our alumni will act as ambassadors for the University in their communities.

Promote diverse role models

  • Champion diversity and inclusiveness by partnering with alumni to ensure students have positive role models and mentors, who understand their experiences and support their ambitions.

Boost philanthropic activity

  • Establish long-term strategic relationships with potential donors, to foster funding sources which accelerate the University's development and enable us to help solve society's challenges.

Achieve more through advancement activity

  • Nurture a culture of giving across the University, focused on advancing the quality, reputation and capability of the University to address key societal challenges.
Future Technology Centre


To support delivery of our ambitions, we have the following enablers.

By 2025 we will:

Deliver quality and excellence across all activities

  • We will achieve the highest quality standards and effective governance across all our activities including education, research and innovation, and our professional services
  • Our professional services and corporate systems will be highly efficient and effective, creating greater scope for our people to innovate in support of our Vision.

Invest in our future and maintain financial strength

  • We are here for the future. Strong financial management will ensure we build on our strengths by investing in strategic priorities and disinvesting where appropriate.
  • Major capital investment will be planned and financed to support delivery of our long- term vision.

Enhance our estate and infrastructure

  • Through implementation of our estates masterplan, alongside maintaining and re-purposing our existing buildings, we will ensure our estate supports our strategy into the long-term.
  • We will create flexible facilities which promote innovation in learning, teaching and research, in line with our ambitions.

Innovate through digital technologies

  • We will build a reputation for leading-edge educational research and pioneering delivery, using digital technology to unlock the potential in all our students.
  • Radical digital innovation, both in our operations and in the provision of learning and teaching, will transform the impact of our activities.

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